The Company boasts a very strong infrastructure which is the reason behind its ability to always the best produce.

  • Trutzschler and Lakhsmi Blow Room.
  • Trutzschler and Lakshmi LC 300 A-V3 Cards with built in short & long term Auto Leveller.
  • Rieter RSB851 Draw Frames with Auto Leveller.
  • Lakshmi LK54 Combers.
  • Trutzschler and Lakhsmi Blow Room.
  • Lakshmi LF 1400A Speed Frames.
  • Trutzschler and Lakhsmi Blow Room.
  • Imported Ring frames equipped with NOVIBRA spindles and Kanai Rings. All drives are controlled by inverter.
  • Savio Polar Auto Coners with Uster Quantum 2 SIRO yarn clearers.
  • Ring Doubling Machines.
  • Manual Winders with Uster Yarn clearers and splicers.

Machines Installed

  • Uster high volume instrument HVI 1000 M 700 for raw material.
  • Uster Tester UT5 S-800 for process and yarn.
  • Uster CMT4 Quantum Calssimate for yarn.